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Our expert, Wendy Winquist, will guide you in developing trust and building a loving relationship with your dog.

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Why Choose Pups In Progress?

Our program is designed to help you take control, get rid of the chaos and frustration, and teach you how to live with a healthy, happy dog.

  • We want you and your dog to be each other’s best friends.
  • We teach skills to dogs and humans so you will have a common language.

Besides teaching commands, we help dogs learn how to enjoy relaxing, and how to make good choices when you’re not telling them what to do.

It is an investment in your future that can be used for the rest of your life, not an event that happens to your dog.
My Program

Atlanta Dog Training Program

Bringing a new dog into your life can be fun and exciting but also frustrating and confusing. My whole purpose in offering dog training services is to help you live the life you want with your dog. Part of that is figuring out what you want that to look like and how to get there.

I come to you and customize training to you and your dog. While all dogs need to learn skills so you can understand each other better, not everyone has the same goals or want to live the same way as others. My approach is to teach you and your dog what you need to be successful and support you how you need me to.

The structure of my program is flexible on purpose. Some need a weekly meeting to stay on track while others need more time to practice. We can meet on the same day every time or plan our next session based on availability. I want our time together to be a fun, educational, interesting experience and add value to your life.

My program includes 6, 90- minute sessions. After that, I offer single sessions, so you get to choose how much training you want or need.

Please call for more information and so we can discuss how I can help you.

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We are located in the vicinity of Austell and Mableton however we serve all of Metro Atlanta! Please do not hesitate to contact us!